Some attributes
First Gender: Female
Second Color: Purple
Third Job: Inventor
Other attributes
Fourth Quote:

Aviva: I'll never doubt a platypus again.

Martin: Or a Kratt Brother?

Aviva: Don't push it.

Aviva is cool, fasionable, minor protagonist who is well on her way to becoming the most accomplished inventor this planet has ever known!


Aviva is characterized with the color purple as seen in the episode "Bat in the Brownies" when she had a purple buzzbike. She also had a purple creaturepod. She has brown hair tied up in a ponytail and wears a purple shirt with a yellow jacket over it, and she also has a black belt. In the episode "Polar Bears Don't Dance", she is shown to have earings and gray highlights on her hair.


Aviva is the inventor of the crew and without her, the bros wouldn't have their Creature Power Suits! Preferring to blaze around her secret lab on in-line skates, there is always a stylish cool factor in everything Aviva does. Teaming up with the Kratt brothers to help save and explore the creature world, it is often Aviva's inventions that make the difference. To help her turn science fiction into science reality, Aviva has brought together an equally ultra-cool and sharp inventive team all with a knack for everything high-tech.


She is the only one who can make the creature power discs and suits. She can also make many mechanical machines such as submarines and boats. She is some-what like an engineer. She can speak Spanish. She can also fly the tortuga if necessary, as shown in the episode, "Walk on the Wetside". Aviva also can program computers. However, she can't dance as shown in "Birds of the Feather".