Chris Kratt
Some attributes
First Gender: Boy
Second Color: Green
Third Job: Creature Adventures
Other attributes
Fourth Quote: "Living Free and in the Wild!"
Chris Kratt is the younger of the two Kratt brothers, 4 years younger than Martin Kratt. He seems to be the more sensible of the two. He is characterized by his green clothes and messy brown hair.


He is really smart. Chris is characterized by the color green as his creature suit is green, his scuba gear is green, his usual shirt is green, and even in the past wears a green t-shirt (as shown in Tazzy Chris). He has messy brown hair and matching brown eyes. He is shorter than his brother, Martin Kratt.


While the younger of the two, Chris seens to be a little more sensible than his older brother. But Chris still maintains a fun, childish, mischevious, and curious nature. He loves to climb trees though temporarily had a fear of heights (Flight of the Draco). He is the more organized of the two brothers Kratt. Chris is the focused, pragmatic,

and technically inclined brother who likes to make a plan. He is the logical, straight man to Martin's wild antics.Chris also has an encyclopedia knowledge of animals, keeping tabs on every species he encounters with a computerized Life List. He knows his animal stats the way a sport fan knows who batted the most runs last year or rushed for the most yards. Chris is very loyal to nature order and believes that wild creatures should stay where they are: "living free and in the wild!" As shown in Cheetah Racer and Bass Class he plays by the rules ans seems to come up during faceoffs between Aviva, Gavin and Zach. Chris also seems to be a bit more attentive than his brother, as he is quick to notice details.