Jimmy Z
Jimmy Z
Some attributes
First Gender: Boy
Second Color: Unknown
Third Job: Teleporter,Driver, and Helper
Other attributes
Fourth Quote:
This gamer gets to play with the Teleporter, Aviva’s particularly temperamental invention that delivers the team’s latest breakthroughs to the Kratt brothers.  He also drives the mobile headquarters, the Tortuga HQ, as it flies from habitat to habitat around the world.


Jimmy Z has long, red hair with blue eyes and has a goatee growing in. He wears a green baseball cap backwards and almost always wears red, plad pants with a gray shirt, usually having a video game character on it. He is seen almost always eating pepperoni pizza.


Jimmy Z is insecure, hesitant and unsure – that is until he gets a video game console in his hands! He can't go anywhere without his controller and when he's not playing video games, he's either eating pizza, teleporting something, sleeping, driving the Tortuga, or helping the Kratt bros. He gets easily scared (As seen in the episode Masked Bandits), and is easy to pull a prank on (As Martin did in the episode The Gecko Effect), but is a guy the Wild Kratt Team can count on.