Some attributes
First Gender: Female
Second Color: Orange
Third Job: Computer
Other attributes
Fourth Quote: Unknown
 Koki is an accomplished computer whiz with a sharp tongue and an even sharper wit! She is part of the Wild Kratts Crew.


Koki is characterized with the color orange, as seen in "A Bat in the Brownies" when she had a orange buzzbike. Although, she has a purple/brown creaturepod. She has a black afro, tied back with an orange headband and wears a red shirt with black sleeves that has a yellow star on it. She also has 3 earings on her right ear. In the episode "Polar Bears Don't Dance", she had freckles.


Koki is a cyber-genuis, but is very stubborn. When it comes to mining the internet, she knows exactly where to go to get whatever info the team needs. She also designs and maintains the electronic defense system the team uses to protect their secret headquarters. Without her, the Wild Kratts Crew wouldn't get as much infomation and the Tortuga HQ wouldn't be protected. She also is in charge of using the solar panels on the Tortuga and the communication system for the Wild Kratts Kids. In the episode "Bat in the Brownies" she revals that she didn't like bats at first.