Here are ALL of the creature power discs!!!

h Q dicsEdit

Monarch Butterfly All

Caterpillar all

Hippo wild river

Dragonfly low sky

Sperm Whale sea

Giant Squid deep sea

Aardvark wild

Draco trees

Platypus river

Polar Bear ice

Walrus sea

Beaver river

Crocodile wild river

Honey Badger wild

Greater Honeyguide wild

Largemouth Bass river 

fire fly sky

Basilisk Lizard river

African Elephant

Black Rhino wild

Lion wild

Kangaroo wild

Blue Jay sky

Gray Squirrel trees

Pigeon sky

Perigrine Falcon sky

Thorny Devil wild

Proboscis Monkey trees

Cheetah wild

Caracal land sea

Orangutan wild

Yeti crab s

Raccoon trees

Tokay Gecko trees

Gray wolf wild

African Crested Porcupine

Brown Bat trees

Great White Shark sea


Raptor land

Zebra land

Manta Ray  sea

Octopus sea

Python land

Bat-Eared Fox land

Termite land


Moose land

Birds of Paradise trees


Remora sea

Wild Turkey

Golden Orb Spider trees

Yeti-Crab sea

Malfunctioned DiscsEdit

Tasmanian Devil

Oak Tree


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