Martin Kratt
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Some attributes
First Gender: Male
Second Color: Blue
Third Job: Creature Adventures
Other attributes
Fourth Quote: Unknown
Martin Kratt is the the older of the Kratt Brothers and is 4 years older than Chris. He seems to be the more entertaining one of the bros'


Martin is characterized with the color blue since he wear a blue shirt, a blue creature power suit, has a blue creature pod, and wore blue in previous shows. He has blond hair with blue eyes and wears his blue jacket almost zipped all the way down. In the episode Tazzy Chris, It is shown that he had freckles when he was little.


Martin is the jokester of the 2 and can get VERY emotional some times (Ex: "Don't dry up on me Pinky! DON'T DRY!" From Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy), but he always knows when to be serious. He is the unorganized one of the bros, but he says that he's "Always Prepared". Martin also admits that if he packes all organized like Chris, then he wouldn't be able to find anything. He is also an artistic, enthusiastic, and "big ideas" guy. He is a "Let's wing it" person that often takes the Kratt Brothers into sticky spots, but always takes them out. He is always putting himself in an animal's place and looking from their point of veiw by saying "Be the (type of animal)" or "Think like a (type of animal)". He is a comedian and Chris's straight man.